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Ostracization: HIV and Social Death

It was nearly 10pm, and there I was waiting for the RapidKL bus which had obviously been delayed. Behind me, a Malay man in a white kopiah was having a heated discussion with his fellow friends. I was absorbed in my thoughts, looking for the bus to appear - the heavy rain was wetting my canvas shoes and my feet were already getting numb due to the cold. But I could not help by eavesdrop on the conversation that was taking place a mere two feet away from me.

'Apasal pulak orang HIV dok bising - sebab mereka buat benda bukan-bukan punya pasal lah yang mereka kena sangkut dengan HIV. Dah terang-terang gelumang dosa masih pula mau buat hal, mau mintak hak sama lah, mau mintak kahwin luar syariat lah, mau suruh kite orang henti kritik depa lah, mau kerajaan dengaq depa ngomong apa, mau mak bapak depa terima je aib depa, pastu marah kalo kite orang tegur.'

'What else do these HIV positive people want? Isn't it because of their clandestine behaviour that they have become infe…

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